It was actually Stirling’s father, Alfred Moss, who bought the car and owned it from 1946 to 1950. He allowed his son to race in it and took his very first victories with it. Its first victory was at the 1947 Harrow Car Club Trial, quickly followed by success inRead More →

Let’s put that aside: CSR 2 is not on this list. Neither Forza Street, nor any drag racing game. Yes, you could argue that these are the quintessential mobile runners. The genre was born on mobile, after all. And they’re awesome, ingeniously rearranging the format to suit the demands ofRead More →

The business intelligence report of Auto Racing Games Market lists all the important factors such as growth determinants, challenges and opportunities that govern the growth trajectory of the market during the forecast period. According to the study, the automotive racing games market size is expected to register a XX% CAGRRead More →

Porsche’s rich racing heritage and accompanying emotional connection to motorsport have appealed to all generations of performance car enthusiasts, whether for style, prestige or simply the sound of a six engine. raw flat cylinders. Times are changing, however. Electrification is the future of the automobile, and Porsche knows it. YetRead More →

Racing games gradually become more realistic. With fully licensed vehicle lines and great vehicle customization, the genre has come a long way from early racers like Pole position. Typically, these games tend to be divided into sims and arcade games. RELATED: Ranking The Best Street Racing Games Of All TimeRead More →