May 09, 2022 HISTORIC HAVES: New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial By Lori Draz As we commemorate Memorial Day, Historic Havens encourages your visit to a moving and arresting site that honors the bravery of Vietnam War veterans and explores the complex history of the Vietnam War era, New Jersey VietnamRead More →

STUTTGART: Racing video games can make your heart race with as much tension, drama, and action as any fight-packed blockbuster. The latest hits take full advantage of the new technical capabilities of PCs and consoles, and are also surprisingly varied, ranging from fast-paced fun races to sprawling open-world spectacles. ‘GranRead More →

Statistics on harassment, bullying and bullying were presented at a recent Board of Education meeting. (Photo by Bob Vosseller) JACKSON — School board members recently listened to Director of Safety Raymond Milewski’s presentation regarding harassment, bullying, and bullying (HIB) as well as incidents of violence in the school district. SchoolsRead More →