Are you an avid gamer? Here are some of the most unusual racing games you might enjoy

If you are new to the gaming world, there are some games available in the market that can make your head spin and blur your brain after a while when you try to relax them. However, this is not something new to manage for an avid gamer.

Racing games weren’t introduced recently and the story is older than you might think. This dates back decades, when video games were only designed for this phase. Always ready to squeeze the last ounce of performance, racing games have always been considered the best when it comes to taking the technological leap.

Imagine playing a racing game not with an ordinary car, using a custom vehicle with a unique control system, or maybe you’re a cat sitting in the driver’s seat absolutely determined to win the race. racing, or the cars are not real cars, they are actually anime girls. Whatever the theme, one thing that all of these games have in common is that they’re the weirdest of them all.

1. Driving Girls


Want to play a fast and loose game that looks like a racing game, but in reality it’s kind of off the hook? Drive girls is a play station based game where anime girls can transform into cars and start racing. Suffice to say that this game is quite bizarre where blondes with toned bodies transform into Honda sedans.

However, this game is more action based where girls have to fight with enemies both as a car and as a warrior. Wondering why they have to turn into cars? Well why not?

2. Pyongyang Runner

This game was developed in North Korea as an advertisement for the tourism industry. However, it is not a fully functional game as it can only be played using a web browser.

If you are interested in playing this game, all you have to do is drive through the streets of Pyongyang and thus try to collect details of the city’s landmarks. If this game had been developed and created elsewhere, it would have been different; since it was made in North Korea, it was considered an artifact.

3. Race Lagoon

Earlier in the 90s, Squaresoft was considered one of the most recognized developers in the gaming world, which showed the world what 3D gaming looked like. However, they got a bit weirder with their years of success and introduced games like Paradise Eve, an amalgamation of complexity and genre-blending style.

Racing Lagoon tops them all. With a Japanese PS1 title, Lagoon adds RPG mechanics to enhance gameplay and features a deep and engaging story with neon street racing. Even though it’s weird but it’s very trendy and indeed the Squaresoft of the 90s.

4. PocketBike Racer


Even though this one is last on this list, it has been known to turn into advertisement in the capitalist market. Earlier in the 2000s, Burger King thought it would be a great way to promote the brand by making Xbox 360 games, and PocketBike Racer is one of them.


Here you can play as the Burger King character himself and race around the neighborhood on your bike. You can only find five tracks there, and the gameplay isn’t much to go through. However, being a ginormous burger king and playing on a tiny bike is something to experience, that you can’t get in any other game.

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