Best racing games of 2022: Gran Turismo 7, Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport and more

These are the five titles of our favorite genre that we can’t wait to play next year.

It’s hard to believe that the year is already drawing to a close, but Christmas is finally almost upon us. That being said, let’s look forward to what’s on offer next year when it comes to new racing games.

There are huge racing franchises that see another installment of their series coming out in 2022. Here are the five we’ve been waiting for the most!

Need of speed

We don’t have a title, gameplay, or trailer, but we do know a Need For Speed ​​title is on the way.

THE HEAT BECOMES WARMER: NFS on the next gen should be a big upgrade on Heat

Heat was a step in the right direction for NFS, so we’re excited to see what Criterion can bring to the table now that is Battlefield 2042 duty free.


This will be the first NFS-only title developed by Criterion since Most Wanted in 2012. Former Burnout developers know how to make a thrilling racing game, so we are hopeful to move forward on the next NFS. The graphics and sound are enough to justify a purchase on their own, so let’s hope the gameplay is fun too.

We don’t have a full release date yet, but 2022 looks likely given its delays so far.

F1 2022

Although it has not yet been officially announced, F1 2022 is obviously going to launch next year. Codemasters have continued to impress us with the launch of F1 2021 this year and we are sure it will continue. F1 2022 will be the first Formula 1 game fully developed under the new EA-Codemasters partnership and we are interested to see what that will bring.

F1 2021 Ferrari France
BUILDING ON SUCCESS: F1 2021 was another great entry to this series

Probably the feature we’re most excited to review is Braking Point. The story-driven single player mode has been a great experience in F1 2021 and we can’t wait to see how the story unfolds in 2022. Plus, a 23-race schedule next year means we have a lot of circuits to enjoy.

Forza Motorsport

While there is no release date yet, we are including Forza Motorsport here as it may well be released next year. We only have one trailer to go, but if the previous Forza are anything to go by, it’s going to be a huge game. The graphics shown in the trailer are stunning and the brief gameplay of Laguna Seca feels intense.

motorsport forza
WE LOVE WHAT WE SEE: Forza 8 will be the first main Forza series on the next gen

This will be the first Forza game in the main series on the X Series and will be an Xbox exclusive. Horizon 5 has proven how beautiful games can be on new consoles, and the prospect of a more simulation-oriented racer is hugely exciting. Notably because Turn 10 promised a deeper multiplayer experience.

Forza continues to strengthen both in terms of quality and quantity of features. We’re sure Forza Motorsport won’t disappoint you, every time it lands.

GRID Legends

Announced during EA Play Live, this title was a very pleasant surprise for racing fans. GRID is a racing series that has a long heritage but hasn’t lived up to its name recently. However, after the takeover of EA, more funds can flow into GRID.

GRID Legends race 2

The reveal trailer certainly showed it, with GRID Legends featuring a full story mode. The story also features actors such as Ncuti Gatwa in his roles. Racing here also looks fun, with new types of racing like Boost and Elimination. Multiclass racing is also making its debut in GRID, which means you can race with trucks alongside supercars.

GRID Legends has an official release date of February 25, 2022 and will therefore be the first of our highly anticipated games to be released. We have already got our hands on a preview version of the title and it does indeed look very promising!

Gran Turismo 7

Forza’s big rival, Gran Turismo, appears to have the first on the Xbox series at the moment. While we don’t know when Forza Motorsport will release, Gran Turismo 7 is expected to launch in March. GT7 will also be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 systems, giving millions of gamers the chance to experience it.

Gran Turismo 7
ONE THING OF BEAUTY: GT7 looks gorgeous

GT7 looks to be the best GT title ever and has a huge amount of cars and tracks to race with. The list of features is also huge, as the main menu featured in one of the recent trailers has more of them than ever before.

Polyphony looks to be taking full advantage of the capabilities of the PS5 and we can’t wait to check out GT7 in March 2022! The Real Driving Simulator seems to be back in all its glory.

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