Best Racing Games on PS5 2022

(Pocket-lint) – No games console is complete with a great racing game – they so often push the limits of what gaming hardware can visually produce, and provide a great option for relaxed racing or thrilling strong depending on the game.

The PlayStation 5 is no exception, and Sony’s latest console already has its fair share of excellent runners, especially in light of the long-awaited arrival of Gran Turismo on the platform. We’ve rounded up the best options available, here. That said, if you want a different type of game, check out the table below along with our other PS5 lists.

What are the best racing games on PS5?

  1. Gran Turismo 7
  2. Dirt 5
  3. F1 2021
  4. Shipwreck Party
  5. WRC 10

Gran Turismo 7


The granddaddy of PlayStation racers is back with its first numbered entry in ages, and GT7 is an absolute scorcher, with a more generous boarding system than any Gran Turismo has ever offered. You’ll win new cars nicely and regularly, learning to race safely and fairly.

Over time, you’ll find yourself driving some of the world’s most famous cars, and the precision of its physics is second to none. Everything looks great on the PS5 too, with native 4K resolution supported and a crisp, beautiful drive.

Dirt 5


The only thing Gran Turismo isn’t totally perfect at (although it does a solid job) is off-road racing, which takes second place to its on-road racing. Getting a good off-road experience is super easy with Dirt 5, however, a rider who knows how mud works down to the smallest detail.

It’s a brilliant era, with slippery, slippery tracks that swerve from surface to surface at will, and a whole host of super-powered cars to get around them in chaotic, collision-filled races. The soundtrack is fun and the gameplay is superb too.

F1 2021


If you want something a little more specific, F1’s latest release is a perfect demonstration of its developer Codemasters’ ability to make licensed racing games today. The racing is so tense and carefully calibrated that you’ll truly feel like an F1 driver at his peak.

There are so many tracks to memorize and the feeling of speed when you step on the gas in an F1 car is second to none, and driving an entire season in the hope of winning a championship is a rare feat of endurance.

Shipwreck Party


For something much more chaotic, try Wreckfest. This hilarious racer has incredibly detailed damage systems at its heart, allowing you to absolutely destroy your car, truck, tractor, or any number of vehicles you pilot.

This leads to some outrageously dirty races where damaging each other is really the whole point, and its destruction derbies are hugely fun. The racer at its heart is actually awesome too, so there’s a lot to like here.

WRC 10


Finally, a great rally game is always self-contained, delivering a unique blend of tension and speed that we can’t get enough of. If you’re looking to hit the courses with just a second’s notice before every hairpin, WRC 10 is a great continuation of the best series currently available.

You’ll have a wealth of cars to master and a wide range of courses in a variety of locations, from real-life touring events, meaning you can really pit your virtual skills against the tracks these expert drivers have to tackle in real time. life.

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Written by Max Freeman-Mills.