Best Switch racing games like Forza Horizon 4

There’s no shortage of Switch games these days, and that includes the once-rare lineup of racers and driving games. Still, it’s hard to deny the absence of a significant presence that is Forza Horizon 4, which many consider to be one of the most important and engaging racing epics to date.

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Its absence is understandable, as Microsoft’s Switch Gamepass remains a pipe dream, and the game’s hardware requirements presumably exceed the capabilities of Nintendo’s machine. However, fans of The Big N will be delighted to hear that there is an ever-growing lineup of runners who are not only exciting, but also bring at least a few FH4 qualities in their own way.

Horizon Chase Turbo

turn on the beach street in Horizon Chase Turbo

Despite sharing a word in their titles, this modern tribute to NES racers doesn’t exactly compare to the sleeker, more dynamic Forza Horizon 4. But like the success of Playground Games, Horizon Chase Turbo Enough scratch that frantic arcade-style itch for racing fans. While this effort takes a very different path, both titles are reminiscent of those adrenaline-fueled crazy races of the ’90s.

Horizon Chase TurboThe charmingly simple art style can be deceptive, as the game is chock-full of deep content and trials that can cling to flashy modern racers in terms of excitement and tenacity. Players will traverse various colorful landscapes in a rich campaign and even be able to roam the streets with up to three friends in split-screen mode.

Grip: Combat Racing

cars driving through tubes in Grip Combat Racing Switch

With this 2018 game, the Canadian studio Caged Element takes the concept of an arcade racing game and literally turns it over on its head. Grip: Combat Racing brings thrills with its unique blend of futuristic racer, rally driver and fighting game. Players control two-sided automobiles that can flip on the fly, allowing for both top and bottom driving.

This sets the stage for chaotic showdowns and offbeat level design, as drivers can cross the lanes sideways or even upside down. Online multiplayer and split screen increase replay value and keep the excitement high. Add some awesome weapons and bonuses to the mix, and the result is exhilarating – and frankly sloppy – driving on Switch.

Fire race

Neon green car drifting in the rain forest in Hot Shot Racing

Horizon Chase Turbo helped usher in the renaissance of retro racing – and SUMO and Lucky Mountain Games were happy to follow their path with the 2020s Fire race. Fast, edgy mechanics and delicious late ’80s polygons also take center stage in this old school racing nod.

That said, this game also veers into its own lane with deeper tracks and fun events like ‘Cops and Thieves’ as well as ‘Drive or Explode’, the latter bringing some action movie vibes to it. Speed. With its arcade-style madness, competitive events, and appreciation for drifting, Forza Horizon 4 fans should find a lot to enjoy here despite a few glaring differences.

V-Rally 4

Dusty dry turn in a wooded area in V-Rally 4 Switch

With its fast-paced action, as well as a variety of cars, environments and driving conditions, Kylotonn’s V-Rally 4 captures at least some of the essence of the FH4.

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While its multiplayer mode brings a lot of excitement, its lukewarm career mode may not wow much compared to the epic Playground Games. Still, this racer offers solid and thorough mechanics, fun street and dirt circuits, and great rally cars that fans should find appealing.

MudRunner – American Savages

Truck carrying logs from behind in the woods of MudRunner American Wilds Switch

With Forza Horizon 4, Playground Games makes it clear that off-roading can be just as exciting as street racing, and sometimes even more. Studio Saber3D similarly draws on this player to venture off the beaten track with this rocky ride.

MudRunner has players who transport it through open world locations in all terrain vehicles to clear objectives and challenges. The free and loose nature of the game is very Forza Horizon-esque, because there is fun to have at most each turn. Driving around these vast sandboxes and plowing through obstacles can be just as fun as completing missions.

Unlimited Club Equipment 2

drive on a snowy road until sunset in Gear Club Unlimited 2 Switch

Linearity aside, there is a lot of overlap when it comes to the racing epic of Playground Games and Eden Games’ Unlimited Club Equipment 2. This rugged sequel is comparable in its mix of in-depth simulation racing and arcade speed, as well as its vast array of customizable cars. The game even features the handy “rewind” mechanism, allowing quick resumes for short fights.

Unlimited 2 features different levels of daylight, seasons, and environmental conditions to keep things cool. With over 50 cars to play with, 250 tracks, and nearly 1,800 miles of road total, there’s plenty of diverse and engaging content to sink your teeth into.

Autosport grid

Race start with leading race cars in Grid Autosport

Being the ninth game of the TOCA series, this Codemasters series has quietly built a good track record over its decades of history. The series is finally making its Switch debut with this touring and racing car, and convincingly.

This sequel recalls the complexity of some of its predecessors and goes back to its roots, while maintaining a modern level of detail and visual flair. Autosport grid offers a solid foundation and rewarding mechanics that are easy to learn, but difficult to master. It’s these qualities, along with the depth and content, that make him one of the best runners on Switch.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario looks back and drifts to the side in mario kart 8 deluxe

It goes without saying that Nintendo’s best-selling kart racer is very different from the more elegant and nuanced sensibilities of FH4. Still, it’s hard to leave this classic board game out of the fun when discussing notable racers on Switch. And there are commonalities, beyond the fact that Mario kart 8 and FH4 both are flagship racers for their respective consoles.

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Taking inspiration from its already robust predecessor on Wii U, this refined remaster brings even more entertaining content with sleeker visuals, added DLCs and an improved battle mode. But the star of this Mario show remains the chaotic local and online multiplayer that never gets old.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remaster Police Cars

EA’s successful racing series has not been short of new concepts and changes over the years, as a few developers have come up with their own take on the formula. With this 2010 hit, Criterion has found this ideal spot for arcade and simulation racing, offering a range of events that emphasize one way or the other.

The workshop Burnout influence can certainly be felt here, as Hot pursuit thrives most during the most frantic fights that rewards combat and aggressive driving. These normally include attempts to flee the police or chase rogue runners like the police. As FH4, players can spend countless hours going through various races and unique challenges; each exhilarating in its own way.

Burnout Paradise remastered

Close up back angle view of speeding car under rails in Burnout Paradise Remastered Switch

A little like Forza Motorsport, the Burnout The series saw a major overhaul of the open world that fans didn’t quite realize they wanted. Dating back more than a decade, Criterion’s Burnout paradise was partly ahead of its time with its expansive gameplay and (semi) sandbox elements. The polished remaster on Switch gives it a nice modern coat of paint and enhances the already deep and modern feel of the game.

Burnout paradise Still adheres to the arcade and combat traps that made the series so appealing, with events like Showtime encouraging the carnage. But in addition, players can venture out onto a sprawling world map and compete in solo or online races, even choosing their own path to the finish line.

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