The Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) will honor its “Most Influential People” with the 2022 TAS Award presentation beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 26 at Flemington Elks Lodge No. 1928, 165 Route 31, Raritan Township. Recipients Ray Bateman, Paul Deasey, Wendy Kennedy and Bob Rossell will join first-timeRead More →

© PA Some people like horror movie, others love romance, a lot like comedy, sci-fi and crime thrillers float the boat and rock the cradle of others. But regardless of the genre, racing fans can rarely turn down a movie where the star is a racehorse. Factual, fanciful and evenRead More →

Greg Zyla | No more content now At the request of readers, we are updating our top 10 popular car racing movies of all time as several new movies have been selected. As before, I welcome reader comments if there are any movies you think should be on the list.Read More →

While auto racing movies aren’t exactly a staple in American cinema, they have certainly continued to surface over the years and have been of varied styles and hugely popular. The most recent was Ron Howard’s “Rush”, but a partial canon chronological list of titles includes “Grand Prix”, “Spinout” (yup, Elvis!),Read More →

Whenever NASCAR returns to Talladega, the movie “Talladega Nights” is often mentioned. What is your favorite racing movie and why? Nate Ryan: In the documentary category, it’s “Senna”. The chronicle of one of Formula 1’s most extraordinary talents and personalities is so moving that you can be captivated without knowingRead More →

The South loves racing, and by extension, racing movies. Fortunately we have a new one in “Lucky Logan,” a NASCAR heist comedy starring Alabama native Channing Tatum. Alabama will soon help complete the racing film subgenre, with John Travolta as a veteran pilot in “Trading Plant,” currently being filmed inRead More →