F1 Manager 2022: Release date, platforms, teams, gameplay and more

It’s official, F1 Manager 2022 is finally announced!

After signing a deal with F1 to create an officially licensed management title, Frontier Developments has finally announced that the game is on its way for this year.

So what is this game about? Here’s what we know so far!

F1 Manager 2022 release date

There is no official release date for F1 Manager 2022 yet. All we have is a release window.

The announcement trailer gave a release window of Summer 2022. Which means we can start cutting dates.

EYES ON THE PRIZE: You won’t be behind the wheel this time

There’s also Codemasters’ planned F1 2022 release in mid-July to consider and F1’s summer break in August which sees four long weeks without actual racing.

Maybe a late July release or August drop is most likely, but we don’t know for sure yet.


What we do know is what you can play F1 Manager 2022 on.

The game will be available on PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S and PC via Steam and The Epic Store.

Make the decisions that matter

F1 Manager 2022 will place you in the role of Team Principal rather than driver.

This means that you will be the one calling the shots from the pit wall and also determining the team’s direction off the track.

Expectations are going to be high for this title given the quality of Codemasters’ racing game as well as that of the Football Manager series. Sports Interactive’s management simulation gives you the power to hire coaches, set workouts, and make transfers. We expect similar depth from F1 Manager 2022.

From negotiating sponsorships, hiring engineers, allocating budgets and off-road training programs, we want to be able to do it all!


As an officially licensed game, F1 Manager 2022 will have every F1 team from the 2022 season. That means toppling Mercedes for the Constructors’ Championship will be the name of the game, for many at least!

f1 2022 rb18
BIG NAME: Can we sign a title sponsor and put their name in the spotlight?

What we don’t know is if there will be a chance of creating a new team for the F1 grid. Bringing an all-new constructor to Formula 1 has been a huge hit in Codemasters titles and would be a great addition to a management game.

Of course, there should be plenty of get rich opportunities for players. To take a team like Haas, Alfa Romeo or AlphaTauri to their first championship would be amazing. Or making a Return To Glory-style save with McLaren and Williams will also be appealing.


Similarly, we can expect all 23, or 22 now, tracks this F1 season. From Bahrain to Abu Dhabi, we will be at the pit wall making all the key decisions at every turn.

Hopefully there will be more trails that we can keep the seasons cool. A pool of 25-28 tracks, including the overrides we’ve seen over the past few years, would be ideal for creating a game that has longevity.

Power series?

Management games like the Football Manager series offer players the chance to start their career on Sunday League grounds while waiting for the Premier League.

The Codemasters game has been added in F2 for players to master before moving on to F1 cars. So could we have something similar in F1 Manager 2022? We hope!

F1 2020 F2 Cars
UP AND COMERS: Will junior ranks be included?

Starting as Trident boss in F3, moving to F2 to overthrow Prema and then getting hired in F1 would be a great journey for players.

Even better perhaps, the ability to take a Trident or Prema to Formula 1 would be an exceptional mechanic for players to enjoy.

If there’s one thing the Football Manager series has shown, it’s that players want to create and shape their own stories. Don’t just cling to established names and teams.