Fast & Furious: 10 Best Racing Games For Movie Fans

The Fast and furious The movie franchise has grown into one of the most lucrative movie franchises of all time. From a film about street racing to what would become superhero films, the film series delivered some of the most thrilling moments in movie history. With the recent release of F9 and the series is set to end with the eleventh film – although we don’t know when that will be – many fans are wondering where they can get their fill of in-car thrills.

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Well, video games have been making fast, action-packed races since Spy hunter hit the arcades in 1983; long before the original Fast and furious the film was even imagined. There are a variety of games on a variety of different consoles that capture the same thrills as the movies, if not more.

ten Burnout 3: Takedown is an extraordinary spectacle race at its best

It is well documented that the Fast and furious The franchise started out as street racing movies and has grown into major fast-paced vehicle fighting shows. In a way, the Burnout the franchise sums up this change perfectly as well. The Burnout Racing game series is well known as one of the most influential racing franchises of all time, with a major emphasis on high speed and death-defying handling.

It was Burnout 3: Withdrawal, however, that introduced legitimate spectacle violence. Go down introduces the aptly named Takedown Mechanic, a system that rewards aggressive driving against opponents with additional boosts. The crash mode of Exhaustion 2 returns, this time with the added Crashbreaker mechanic, allowing the player to blow up their car and cause even more damage.

9 Cruis’n World brings arcade racing to real cities

Another must-see of the Fast and furious movies are the exotic places in which the main characters travel, whether it is running through the beautiful streets of Brazil in Fast Five or the breathtaking Etihad Towers car jump Furious 7.

Although it might not allow anything as crazy as furious 7the jump from the tower, Cruis’n World on N64 has no shortage of real-world locations for gamers including Hawaii, Japan, Australia, China, Egypt and many more. If you play the N64 version and beat Cruise The World mode, you unlock another track: The Moon. This means that, yes, Cruise went to space before Fast and furious never could.

8 Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA encourages risk of risky shortcuts

Rush 2: Extreme Race USA looks a lot like Cruise in that he has many places around the world to run. However, while Cruise was a more linear racing game, with most races just taking the player from point A to point B. Rush 2 adds to the racing element by giving the player hidden shortcuts to find and acrobatic jumps to perform.

Exploration was prompted by hidden objects in the game world, in this case taking the form of Mountain Dew cans that could be found in secret locations. There was also a noticeable amount of detail in each racing environment, and there was no shortage of environments, even allowing the player to run on Alcatraz.

7 Forza Motorsport 7 Worships Cars Like Few Games Ever Have

Fast and furious obviously loves his cars. There are tons of scenes in the movies where the cameras linger over the team vehicles in awe. It might not be the most action-packed racing game, dealing with legally sanctioned racing and using mechanics that call attention to the real effects that rain and off-roading will have on a car to ride. high speed, but Forza Motorsport 7 has an appreciation for cars that might put Fast and furious to shame.

The visual fidelity of Forza franchise is well documented, and every part of every car in Forza Motorsport 7 is painstakingly recreated to be as faithful as possible to their real-world counterparts.

6 Forza Horizon 4 has missions where players have to be movie stunt pilots

While Forza Motorsport focuses more on the realistic simulation of races, Forza Horizon adds a layer of arcade spectacle and racing into the mix. The most recent version, Forza Horizon 4, adds a number of insane racing challenges to the mix, such as piloting a plane and doing a number of stunts for a movie director. There’s even an Easter egg for Halo fans, allowing the player to drive a Warthog.

For fans of the death-defying stunts found in the latest Fast and furious movie theater, Forza Horizon 4 is a game that matches Sports carobsessive attention to detail with races that are undeniably fun to ride.

5 Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix is ​​one of the first street racing games to have a story

For fans of rough street racing from the start Fast and furious movies, the Nightclub The series provides more than enough excitement to terrorize civilian traffic and escape the police. Of all the games in the franchise, Midnight Club 3 is considered the best.

The game received a subtitled reissue Remix of the dub edition, which added new cars and made some gameplay changes. From its cutscenes with secondary characters that inspire the player to become a world famous street racer, to the dozens of cars that can be collected, to the almost endless number of customizations that can be made to each car to improve its appearance and performance. , gamers will feel like street racing royalty in no time.

4 Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) is narrow street racing action wrapped around an underdog revenge tale

For more street racing stories, the classic Need of speed The series prided itself on its fun arcade-style races and dramatic, if a little cheesy, cutscenes. the years 2005 Need for speed: most wanted offers more than enough racing thrills, as well as a revenge plot. The player is tasked with climbing the ranks of the coveted blacklist to take back the car that was stolen from him.

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Although Most Wanted received a pretty good remake in 2012, the original 2005 version still beats it. Providing the player with an open world to explore and the satisfaction of defeating all the top racers that have been given to them gives this game an undeniable start. Fast and furious to feel.

3 Driver: San Francisco bought out the franchise that put “driving games with stories” on the map

Arguably the best example of racing games with engaging storylines, Driver: San Francisco gives the player an extremely engaging plot and a unique driving mechanic to engage with. Taking place after the events of (the extremely disappointing) Drive3r, players control FBI agent John Tanner who falls into a coma after a vehicle chase.

After waking up, Tanner accesses the Shift ability. The Shift ability allows the player to take control of other cars on the road, and the game uses it in a variety of interesting ways. The race is well run and the plot is engaging and a bit convoluted which is the hallmark of everything Fast and furious ground.

2 MotorStorm Is Fast & Furious meets Mad Max

If pure chaos is what you crave, then the 2006s Engine storm has more than enough. Admittedly, this game can lean a little more towards Mad Max than Fast and furious regarding its dirtier presentation and the fact that the game focuses more on chaotic offroad racing and multiple crashes per race.

Despite everything, the game has an undeniable Fast and furious feel with the variety of vehicles to choose from and the different stats of each vehicle, which means there is a bit more strategy to Engine storm that it seems. When it comes to the unrealistic, blood-pumping action of later Fast and furious races, no other game comes close.

1 Need For Speed: Underground 2 remains the gold standard for street racing games

Potentially the quintessential racing game similar to Fast and furious must be revered Need for speed: Underground 2. This results in a dramatic plot, involving the player nearly killed and coming back with vengeance to earn the title of best runner in the region, and giving the player a vastly improved leveling system than in the first. Underground game with regard to both visual and performance.

From collecting cars to rugged upgrades, to the satisfaction it feels when the player finally uproots the corrupted race crew, Need for Speed: Underground 2 literally feels like a playable Fast and furious movie.

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