Grab 10 PC racing games for just $5 for a limited time

Fanatical is giving speed demons an affordable way to get behind the wheel this month. For just $5, you can create a bundle of 10 games, choosing from an 18-title catalog that includes V-Rally 4, truck racer, doodle derby, and more. Three different levels of Build your own Nitro 2 pack are available. The best deal comes when you buy ten games for $5, although you’ll also find a five-game bundle for $3 as well as the option to get a single game for $1.

If you’re looking for offbeat action, consider giving Garfield Kart: Furious Race a place in your package. The game has become something of a meme over the years, but still has a “very positive” rating on Steam after over 6,000 reviews.

Below is the catalog for the Build Your Own Nitro 2 Bundle. Also, be sure to check out Fanatical’s Spring Sale, which includes over 1,000 PC game deals.

Build your own Nitro 2 pack

80s Overdrive Antigraviator BAFL: brakes are for losers Bang Bang Racing Car Mechanic Simulator 2015ClutchDino Run DX doodle derby Garfield Kart: Furious Race Grip: Combat Racing Crazy 2 MegaRace 1 & 2 twin-pack Japan Marathon Rekt: high octane stunts Trail Blazers truck racerV-Rally 4Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition

Web Source: GameSpot – Game News