Player just beat a professional racing car driver on the track

Simulation car racing player beat a real world champion on a live race track. Enzo Bonito, 23, who trained on a racing simulator beat Lucas di Grassi, a Formula E driver and former Formula 1 driver, on a winding race track in Mexico on January 19.

Victory shocked commentators who couldn’t believe sim training could produce such talent. Simulation or simulator racing games recreate the experience of driving a racing car right down to the last minute details like suspension angles and tire wear.

Their development has grown exponentially in recent years, with the first professional eSports racing team launched in 2016.

Pilots get into eSports

The league not only attracts dedicated players, but there are plenty of real-world racing pros who are also getting into the electronic version. While it seems crazy that a person with minimal track experience can beat a true professional, the training is similar to that of a pilot.

Flight simulators are a vital training tool for professional pilots. They replicate the equations that make an airplane fly and the airplane’s response to flight control applications and external factors.

Simulators can help novice pilots deal with extreme conditions such as turbulent weather, emergency situations and unexpected events so that when they are in the air they have already learned the correct answer.

Esports are growing faster than regular sports

Simulator racing is likely to continue to grow, just as gambling typically quickly turns from a teenage hobby into a multi-billion dollar industry.

The number of people playing computer games of all kinds has increased according to Nielsen, 66% of the American population over the age of 12 were gamers. This is up from 58% in 2013.

The introduction of family consoles like the Nintendo Switch has undoubtedly increased the number of gamers in suburban homes, the area that has seen the most growth is eSports.

ESports or electronic sports are competitive games that bring together not only a legion of dedicated gamers, but also a dedicated fan base who love to watch.

The 2016 League of Legends World Championship final drew 43 million viewers. Fans watch on dedicated YouTube channels or on Twitch a site that shows games with comments.

Big money attracts players and spectators

In Q1 2018, esports fans spent 17.9 million hours watch their game heroes.

Globally, esports will have an audience of over 380 million, including 165 million dedicated eSports fans and 215 million casual viewers. These numbers make sports more popular than many Olympic sports.

Esports is expected to generate over $ 1 billion in revenue this year. Not only is the fan base huge, but the cash prize also exceeds many top sports.

For example; The National Basketball Association’s prize pool is $ 13 million, the Golf Masters $ 11 million, and the Confederations Cup $ 20 million. eSports overtakes each of them with a total prize pool of $ 24.7 million.

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