At first glance, racing games seem pretty simple: drive a car, go fast, win. But while most games in the genre are content with this simple formula, more or less a few weapons or a boost mechanic, some developers take the basic skeleton of a racing game and decide toRead More →

Racing games come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of them put you behind the wheel of today’s most popular supercars, but there are plenty more that put you on motorcycles, snowboards, or even in the toy driver’s seat. for beloved children. Whether you’re looking for the bestRead More →

Forza Horizon 5This year’s release has grown on the success of one of the best franchises in the genre of open world racing games, becoming one of the top rated games of 2021. With beautiful environments, realistic racing and enough optional activities that no player would ever want to runRead More →

The kind of race isn’t one that consistently has great offers every year, but it has had more than a few great offers over the past twelve months. Here we’re going to recognize some of the best games in the bunch from 2021 as we list our nominees for theRead More →

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Rally games are back in fashion, and DiRT 4 is a great way to relax. Thankfully, off-road enthusiasts have more options when it comes to racing simulator games these days, but DiRT 4 is kind of an exception to the rule in a world of open-world and do-like types. ForzaRead More →

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The PlayStation has hosted several iconic racing games over the years, from the early days of Gran Turismo on PS1 to its next iteration on PS4 and PS5. Some of these games even served as a showcase for their respective hardware, as each subsequent generation approached increasing levels of photorealism.Read More →