Racing games have come a long way since Atari’s historic Pole Position racer dominated the arcades of the ’80s, faster and more powerful computer technology has made playing a cinch into gaming experiences. simulation quality. Without racing games most gearboxes will never experience the adrenaline rush of storming Laguna SecaRead More →

“Even the racing car emoji on WhatsApp is red” – Carlos Sainz was inspired to race for Ferrari after a chance encounter with this legendary driver. Carlos Sainz is finally living his dream of becoming a Ferrari driver. It all started with a meeting with a legend when he wasRead More →

The W11, which raced in black to promote racial equality throughout the season, continued Mercedes ‘dominance over F1, winning the German manufacturer its seventh consecutive constructors’ championship and helping Lewis Hamilton to equal the record for Michael Schumacher of Seven Pilots Crowns. Thanks to the Hamilton lap at Monza, theRead More →

The South loves racing, and by extension, racing movies. Fortunately we have a new one in “Lucky Logan,” a NASCAR heist comedy starring Alabama native Channing Tatum. Alabama will soon help complete the racing film subgenre, with John Travolta as a veteran pilot in “Trading Plant,” currently being filmed inRead More →