The 10 best PlayStation racing games, according to Reddit

While there are plenty of popular racing games today, they don’t make them like they did in the 2000s. But that approach may be making a comeback, as a Chicago-inspired map has been teased for the next Need of speed Game. PlayStation racing games were taking advantage of the popularity of the Fast and Furious series, and it has created some of the most inventive and creative games of all time.

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Redditors have been debating what the best of the best are, and they’ve made some wonderful deep cuts. But surprisingly there is no view of Need for underground speed or the Nightclub series, which were among the most popular games of the time.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

Need of speed is one of the best racing franchises of all time and it holds a legacy that few others have. While the series was originally a simple racing property with sports cars, EA capitalized on the success of The fast and the furious and the street racing zeitgeist of the 2000s. What followed was Need for underground speed and Underground 2which saw players pumping up Japanese imports and running through the streets in the dead of night, but Most Wanted Raised the ante.

Street racing, car customization and free roaming were still present, but the night has changed today and the focus has shifted to police evasion. There is much better Need of speed games, but Most Wanted is still an incredible, intense and adrenaline-packed racing game. However, it has a big drawback. A deleted user note that while Most Wanted is the best racing game, “those cut scenes…they’re horribly awful. Everyone involved in writing, producing, and acting in these scenes needs to seriously re-evaluate their decisions in life.”

Juice (2005)

A purple car race in Juiced

Juice, unfortunately, lives in Need of speed shadow, because the game was released the same year as Most Wanted when the NFS The franchise had established itself as the go-to street racing game for three straight years. Etrx think Juice is the best PlayStation racing game, specifically stating that it’s better than Need of speed. They love that there are “no cops, no traffic, just a bunch of flushed Civics on a street course.”

But that’s exactly why the 2005 game doesn’t do much to advance the subgenre, because NFS had introduced open worlds, dense customization, police chases, and more throughout these three games. While Juice simply had closed-course racing and the tiniest of customization options, no different from NFS Underground three years earlier. However, Juice has an exciting USP, as races were for pink slips, meaning players could lose cars they had invested thousands of dollars in. And in that regard, it has the highest stakes of any racing game.

Need for Speed ​​Carbon (2006)

A BMW drives down a highway in Need For Speed ​​Carbon

No Redditor mentions either NFS Underground games, which are generally considered two of the most crucial releases in terms of the street racing subgenre. And rather, Life-Hacker_530 selected Need for carbon speed. The 2006 version is one of the most underrated racing games, and the Redditor still wonders why “no one mentioned NFS-Carbonwhich was by far my favorite racing game of all time.”

Interestingly, while no one is playing these games for the narrative, Carbon is a direct sequel to Most Wantedand it picks up where Most Wanted being left out, with the player on the run from the police. It’s surprisingly engaging and EA has cleverly tied them together. And the customization is once again denser than it has ever been, and as Tokyo Drift was popular at the time, Carbon, of course, almost solely focused on drift racing. But it works well, especially since Carbon City is full of mountains, and each level is thrilling and feels like the final battle between Sean and DK in the cult 2006 movie.

Paradise of Exhaustion (2008)

A car drives on a track in a Burnout Paradise town

There are many racing games with open worlds, but, in general, the worlds of driving games are not as immersive as sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto. But everything changed with burnout paradise. It must have been so difficult, from a development perspective, to build a Burnout open world considering that almost everything in the series is interactive.

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Every little piece of litter on the street and every larger-than-usual sidewalk could trigger one of the biggest crashes or collisions players have ever seen. Amazingly, the developers pulled it off, and the living, breathing world of Paradise City is one of the greatest achievements a racing game has ever made. And SN-2006gy loves it for its replayability, saying, “I beat it a second time just to get the trophies.”

Sled Storm (2002)

A player jumps over a snowy mountain in Sled Storm

Interesting way, Gk3colorsred is one of the few Redditors to mention a non-car racing game. sled storm is exactly that, Sleds, and the Reddit user simply states: “sled storm was superb.” Most levels in the game look like sequences of a james bond movie, as players leap over each other on the giant machines, breaking the ice, and there’s such a thrilling sense of danger.

Not only that, but players are given points for completing tricks, and they can even kick their opponents off their sleds. It’s one of the most detailed and thrilling games out there, even by today’s standards, which is quite an achievement considering it’s 20 years old. And it has a great punk rock soundtrack too.

Gran Turismo 4 (2004)

Cars make a sharp turn from Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo is a franchise that still exists today, and it’s still going strong, but it was the fourth movie that players were obsessed with, and it holds a legacy that no other GT liberation will never reach. Bri-onicle thinks nothing compares to the 2004 video game, saying, “GT4 will always be my favorite single-player racing game.”

The game contains more than 50 racing tracks and somehow more than 700 vehicles. And as for the racing itself, unlike the many arcade-style racers mentioned by Redditors, Gran Turismo 4 feels so realistic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Players feel like they’ve achieved something when they pass an opponent on a tight turn. Even outside of the PlayStation console, it’s the greatest racing game of all time.

Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (2006)

OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

Bawitbak think Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is the best racing game of all time, and it’s one that often gets overlooked. Coast 2 Coast is the opposite of Gran Turismo in almost every way. Instead of multi-turn tracks, there are long beachside roads. And instead of realistic mechanics, the sports cars bounce off metal blockages like bumper cars.

It’s no surprise that the game was originally only available to play in-game arcades, and it shamelessly keeps the same mechanics and gameplay. This is a one of a kind game and only crazy cab approaches its arcade mayhem.

Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)

A car performs a Burnout 3 Takedown teardown

Before the series expanded with open-world play burnout paradiseand before the over-the-top Burnout revenge, Burnout 3: Elimination was the one who perfected the style of the series. A deleted user draws attention to the game’s unique approach to the racing genre.

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They posit that “the concept of ramming into people to win makes me happy, mostly because I’m such a bad runner anyway.” The game encourages players to crash, or rather “take down,” their opponents, making for some of the most shocking and cinematic runs in a video game. And it’s a testament to the entire series that no other game has managed to repeat the concept so successfully, though Part/Second approached.

Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Drift 2 (2006)

Slax_Vice86 calls Kaido Runner 2 the best PlayStation racing game. This game may not sound familiar, as the Redditor calls it by its European name. In the United States it goes by the much longer name, Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Drift 2.

More than anything, the game is aesthetically pleasing, and the Redditor puts it best by explaining, “Beautiful scenery and solid gameplay.” The game has many similarities with Need for carbon speedbecause it focuses on racing, uphill or downhill and along mountain ranges, and drifting is even better than the EA game.

Auto Modeler (2002)

A cell-shaded racing car in Auto Modellista

Octa56 complaints Auto Modeler is the best PlayStation racing game. The game is unique in that technical car customization has never been more important. One bad part could ruin an entire race.

Auto Modellista was quietly influential, as few people played it, but at the very beginning of the PlayStation 2 era, many other racing games used the same type of mechanics and gameplay. And the crew that worked on the cars in 2 Fast 2 Furious must have been big fans, as Brian O’Connor’s Nissan Skyline design in the film is based on Brian O’Connor’s iconic vehicle. Automatic pattern maker.

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