The 6 racing games developed by Electronic Arts

Project Cars 4

Project Cars 4 has yet to be officially announced by EA, with the former CEO of Slightly Mad Studios Ian Bell giving a small indication that the game is indeed in development. Bell’s tweet has since been deleted, but you can see what was said below.

While the tweet doesn’t give us much to go on, my sources at EA have confirmed that the project is well in development. The title will be called “Cars Project 4” and is set to return to its roots as a hardcore simulator racing game, launching only on current-gen consoles and PC.

Project Cars 4 being current-gen only should come as no surprise, as even this year’s Need for Speed ​​title will also be current-gen only.

No release date or announcement has yet been given on Project Cars 4, but the game developed by Slightly Mad Studios will likely release around 2024.

World Rally Championship

world rally championship
World Rally Championship

In a previous article by eXputerI reported that the DiRT series has been canceled to develop games for the World Rally Championship, with DiRT Rally 3 being canned in 2021.

Details on this new title are still sketchy, but sources have confirmed that the title will be an annual release, meaning we should see World Rally Championship games released on console and PC while the current WRC deal runs from 2023 to 2027.

It is also understood that early preparations are underway to create a mobile game form of the World Rally Championship to be released within this time frame.

The game will use Unreal Engine for the series, and the first WRC game will be released by the end of EA’s fiscal year ending March 2023, as reported.

F1 22 and F1 23

F1 22 will be the first Formula 1 title released under Electronic Arts, with the game bringing the likes of VR, crossplay and supercars to the game. Although F1 23 has yet to be announced, the game has been in development for some time and will be a true “next-gen” title for the series.

Sources have said that F1 23 will overhaul the game with much needed engine upgrades. Additionally, it has also been suggested that the game will see an expansion to F1 LIFE, with a new feature called F1 WORLD. Private jets anyone?

F1 2022 will launch on July 1St, 2022 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC.

Need of speed

Need for Speed ​​encountered several challenges during its development cycle, with all of Criterion Games putting the project on hold in 2021 to help with the development of Battlefield 2024.

The move resulted in Need for Speed ​​being postponed until 2022, with EA’s latest financial report showing the title to be released between October 2022 and December 2022.

I reported in February that Codemasters Cheshire became a support studio for Criterion Games with additional report on the move today. Codemasters Cheshire is now fully integrated with Criterion Games and will be working on Need for Speed ​​in the future.

Prior to the integration in February, sources reported that Codemasters Cheshire was working on a rather unusual car title, based on car encounters. We can only speculate what type of game is planned, but I thought I’d talk about it anyway.

Need for mobile speed

Need for Speed ​​Mobile leaked this week, with new gameplay showing a map based on Need for Speed ​​​​​​Heat. Sources have confirmed that the map is not a direct copy-paste from Need for Speed ​​Heat, with the map undergoing significant changes.

Need for Speed ​​Mobile has no story and is an open-world multiplayer title, so you can meet other racers around the world at any time.

Unfortunately for some, with the title apparently having a story, this points to a very microtransaction-heavy game, but we’ll have to wait and see.

GRID and Burnout do not yet have a title in development, sources have suggested. Following the disappointing release on GRID Legends, the series is expected to be in hot water, but it’s too early to tell.

A new Burnout seems like a logical next step for EA’s development, but with a large catalog of games, I wouldn’t be surprised if the publisher started thinking about remasters in the near future.