Top 5 Horse Racing Movies For A Rainy Day

Okay, the summer meets at Saratoga and Monmouth Park have been closed for a long time and we’re in this post-Breeders’ Cup lull. What should a horse enthusiast do?

Take a break to earn a living playing races and watch a movie!

So, I interviewed some of my disabled and track friends to see which horse racing movies they like and why. The names have not been changed because none of them are so innocent:

The black stallion – Rated G – 1979 – Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney, Teri Garr

Recommended by Pete M.

Pete is one of my favorite guys to talk to about racing, normally during a round of golf (he’s much better than me, by the way). While he can best be described as the guy who wears the shirt that sets him apart on the track, he describes himself as “pick the horse named after the best classic rock song of the 70s”.

At the age of seven, Pete saw this movie at the movie theater in the town next door to where we both live. He remembers being scared and hiding his eyes during the opening scene where the ship carrying Black catches fire and sinks in a raging sea.

Even to this day, Pete describes the film as beautifully shot – from deserted beach scenes to farm training with Mickey Rooney. It was also the first time he had seen a horse race and remembers the worry he had when Black’s leg was cut before the race. But the big screen racing scene, paired with the sounds of galloping hooves, will always be etched in his mind.

Let it ride – Rated PG-13 – 1989 – Richard Dreyfuss, David Johansen, Teri Garr, Allen Garfield

Recommended by Dave T.

He’s your typical hard-working, hard-playing guy. While sport is more of that thing, he does take up horse racing from time to time – always looking for a helping hand to help him retire early.

Dave summed it up in one line for me: “This is the day we all dream of, winning every bet and winning big. »Who has not dreamed of going on the track and having the Midas touch? Mainly shot at Hialeah, the movie features some great examples of different types of horsemen, as well as other degenerates in society!

It’s a light comedy with a ton of great quotes.

Why can’t you watch the horses run around the track and not bet? “

“It’s not my game that bothers you, it’s my defeat.”

“Am I having a good day or what?” “

“I don’t play, I win!”

“Eight is the right one, I would put my life into it.”
“They have a minimum bet of $ 2.”

“There is a fine line between winning and losing. “
“Yes. The finish line.”

“You might be lucky and not know it. “

Sea biscuit – Rated PG-13 – 2003 – Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper

Recommended by Jacob T.

Jacob worked for me when I co-owned a disability website many years ago. It helped me figure out how to automate some of my tricks using data files, macros, and lots of trial and error. We’ve traded angles, ideas and theories about each other for years.

It is the only horse racing movie that Jacob owns. He claims to have watched it at least 100 times and can’t wait to see it again? Why? Just like other sports movies like Rudy Where Major league, we all love to shoot for the underdog. As players, don’t we always look for the longshot to come out on top?

I totally agree with Jacob. As a fan of movie quotes, there are a lot of highlights in this movie:

“Every horse is good for something.”

“You know, you don’t waste a lifetime just because he bumped a little bit.”

“The horse is small, the jockey too big, the trainer too old – and I’m too dumb to tell the difference.”

“You know, everyone thinks we found this broken horse and fixed it, but we didn’t. He fixed us. Each of us. And I guess we somehow fixed ourselves a bit too.

Secretariat – Classified PG – 2010 – Diane Lane, John Malkovich

Recommended by Walter S.

Walter and I have been track buddies for almost two decades. He was my winger for many weeknights at the Meadowlands, where we encountered most of the equestrian stereotypes I’ve written about. Although he’s always been a calculated horse player, Walter has been a part of many of my successful big pick-4, pick-5, and pick-6 syndicated bets.

Walter believes the cinematography of this film is unmatched by any other running movement he has seen. Naturally, his favorite scene is when Secretariat pulls away from Sham in the last half mile of the Belmont Stakes, blowing the competition away as he continues to accelerate to the finish line. It is amazing how the throwing of a coin can determine a person’s luck and fate. What if Ogden Phipps had taken the foal from Somethingroyal instead of the foal from Hasty Matelda?

“It’s not about going back. It’s about the life in front of you and you are running over it! Because you never know how far you can run if you don’t.

“I won’t live the rest of my life with regret.”

“Hey, Kentucky! Big Old Red finished having breakfast this morning! And you’re about to see something you’ve never seen before!

Hot trotting – Classified PG – 1988 – Bobcat Goldthwait, Dabney Coleman

Recommended by Cara M.

My wife makes the list as my favorite track buddy. Although she’s not the handicapper that I am, she’s a much better bettor. She is more willing to take risks and has been responsible for some of our biggest hits in exotic betting in our lifetime. I’ve only known her for over 30 years at this point and know that when we go to the track she’s almost guaranteed to cash more tickets than not!

Why did Cara pick a film nominated for five Razzie Awards and lost in two categories to Tom Cruise in Cocktail (worst picture and worst case scenario)? It’s because Hot trotting is a silly and funny movie and because John Candy and Bobcat Goldthwait can make anything funny!

While few memorable quotes came out of this movie, those of us who were teenagers in the ’80s will remember the 1-800 promo number that featured John Candy (the voice of Don the Talking Horse) on the other end. telling jokes.

“The winner, by an incisor, is Don!

So what is YOUR favorite horse racing movie and why?

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